Gaming with coworkers: Time’s Up! and Tsuro

Time for gaming with coworkers! A last gaming lunch was requested to round off this year. I was a bit nervous, because we have two interims that I didn’t want to feel pressured to play, but they both looked like they were having fun.

Because we were with seven (quite a big turn-out) I had my eye on Time’s Up (also known as 30 seconds), a really fun partygame that does well with big groups and plays in under an hour. Most people knew it already, but we managed to get some fresh recruits as well. Fun was had! There were some Flemish people we didn’t know (Donald Muylle? Felice? Kabouter Lui?) in there, and even our mainstream nerd references (Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins) were considered tough. But overall we had a great mix and our teams were diverse and worked well. Sweet!


Highlights were interim PJ doing a pitch-perfect imitation of Flemish Writer Herman Brusselmans and no one being able to think of the Quentin Tarantino. It’s not that hard, people! We actually locked ourselves in the office so no one could walk in on us while charades-ing. Like bosses.

After that, everyone stayed around so I put Tsuro on the table. Tsuro’s a pretty good coworker game. Very little explaining, quick to play and easy to grasp. We played with sound effects on, of course. It was pretty exciting when all the dragons started converging on the same spot, and Jan was the last dragon flying. Cute and quick fun, though I don’t think anyone is going to run out and buy it.


Players: Anke, Fran, PJ, Tine, Jan, Sarah
Enthousiasm level: High and medium


Gaming with coworkers: Galaxy Trucker

Played Galaxy Trucker with my coworker Jack during a lunch break. I figured, guy -> good spatial awareness -> easy game? But he had a fairly hard time with it. I guess I forgot how weird of a game we thought it was the first time we played it, and how tricky the connections looked.

Player: Jack
Enthousiasm level: low

Gaming with coworkers: Dixit II

At my coworker housewarming party I carefully waited for enough people to leave so that I could spring a game on the ones that were left! I didn’t want to make it a tough game (we’d been feeding them beers) so I pulled Dixit off of the shelf again.

Almost everyone already knew the game, except my coworker Ine who kept complaining that she was no good at games, and couldn’t handle losing, etc. She ended up putting down the best clue of the evening, though, and left intending to buy it. Excellent!

Clue: Communication (we are the Communications dept, so a great opportunity of injokes and sarcasm here)

Enthusiasm level: High
Players: Tine, Matt, Jack, Jelle, Ine, Jan

Gaming with coworkers: Dixit

For this ‘bread and games’ session I brought my own copy of Dixit, but I’d also borrowed King of Tokyo from Maevre because it seemed like an ideal lunch game. I spent two days warming them up for King of Tokyo, and then when we sat down with our sandwiches, my coworker Jack goes:

Jack: “Hey, what’s that game?”
Me: “Oh, it’s Dixit. It’s like eh… creative/associative type game. So, anyway, here we have Ki…”
Jack: “Oh, that sounds so cool, I LOVE creative associative type games! Let’s play that!”
Girls: “Yeah, that sounds okay”
Me: Yeah… yeah, let’s play that.

Everyone liked it a lot, though! Some fancy clues were given. One coworker instantly borrowed my copy to take on her weekend vacation, and one other bought it later and taught it to all his friends.

Enthousiasm level: Very high
Players: Tine, Jack, and ??

Gaming with coworkers: Roll through the ages

I played Roll through the ages with my coworker during lunch break. How cool! Last lunch gametime we played Citadels (quite a populair mainstream game here in the Benelux), so this is a big step up. It’s a perfect lunch break game: easy, quick and fun.Our bosses came to see what we were doing and were like “Oh, hey, a game I don’t know”. And I was like ‘No shit, Sherlock”. (But not out loud cause they were my bosses.)

I was introducing it to two coworkers (I’d already tried it out on Jack) who jokingly discussed running away as I explained the rules (I’m not that bad, I swear!) but halfway through they were caught up and at the end they said they would like to play again. My coworker Jack was boasting how he could kick our ass but he had a massive stroke of bad luck and ended up with five skulls – I’d never seen that happen before! It was hilarious! (to everyone except Jack)

Two players ended up buying the game.after that!

Enthusiasm: Very high
Players: Jack, Sofie, Tine

Gaming with coworkers: Citadels

At some point one of my coworkers suggested we play a game together on our lunch break. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me, I’m hardly the missionary type (*cough*), but I was happy enough to bring a game along.

We played Citadels in the first session of our work’s fledgling gaming group. We were going to play Texas Hold’em but only four people showed so we switched to everyone’s favorite gateway game. Two of my coworkers got in a “You destroyed my building? I’ll kill your guy!” type dynamic, always fun to see friendly coworkers go cut-throat.

A coworker brought the game, and all but one person knew it already, so the discovery part of boardgame lunch break was not very exciting.

Players: Kristien, Sofie, Jack
Enthousiasm level: medium