Trambahn is a quick little card game for two players that’s like Ticket to Ride shacked up with Solitaire. You make your own little color-coded tram line empire, but when you score a certain color, so does your opponent. So you’d better keep an eye on that wiley tram building motherfucker.

Family friendly, not so much a brain crunch as a gentle massage as you try to optimise your tram lines and leer at your opponents’ tableau. Can be swingy though, which isn’t ideal for two players. And personally I find the artwork very dull.

But it’s 18 eur and travel size, so no need to be overly critical!trambahn


Camel up & Colt Express

I played Camel Up and Colt Express at Consequences. Two games that are pretty, fast, fun, and family friendly!


In Camel Up you bet on which camel will win the race while also trying to manipulate the outcome. It’s silly but a lot tenser than what you’d expect.


In Colt Express you try to steal loot out of a running train by planning your turns in advance and then watching other people hilariously fuck up your turn. It’s like Roborally without the slog!

Most people I know are into games that are a little more complex or a little less random, but these babies are so easy and quick to get on the table that they would get so much play! These two guys could make Christmas a lot better.