Heya, I’m Jules!

Boardgaming is not my primary hobby (that’s roleplaying), but I do enjoy and play quite a lot of games. They’re getting hard to keep track of, hence a blog!

I’ve played enough games to have a pretty good idea of the type of mechanics and play I enjoy. As a rule, I like my games fast-paced and without a lot of downtime. If it’s a euro where you can spend your waiting time plotting your plan for world domination, that’s fine. But I don’t like games where I have time to check twitter in between my turns.

I also appreciate games I can get on the table in all kinds of companies and situations. The perfect crunchy euro brain breaker is cool and all. But if I can only get people to play it once a year, I have a lot more appreciation for, say, Dixit that I can bust out anywhere with anyone and have a great time with. We hang and play with a lot of different people, from hardcore gamers to jocks and soccer moms, so accessibility is a major plus in my book.

My favorite types of games tend to be:

  1. Card games (Race for the Galaxy, 7 Wonders, Innovation, morels)
  2. Simultaneous action games (Roborally, Galaxy Trucker)
  3. Light to medium-weight euro’s (At the Gates of Loyang, Stone Age)
  4. Party games (EPYC, taboo, etc)
  5. Abstracts (Zendo, Ingenious)

Game stuff!






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