And then we held hands

First prize for the most original game name!

And then we held hands is a two-player cooperative game about winning at relationships. There’s a web of emotions that you have to navigate, ring by ring, until you end up at the heart in the middle – signifying your strengthened relationship.

You navigate each ring by reaching eight emotion objectives – dots in your navigation matrix. You get to these dots by spending cards of the relevant colors. However, spending cards can put you out of balance (which means you can’t redraw cards), and moving to the left or the right of the field means you can only use the colors on the right or the left of your cards.


So you are facing an intricate two-player balance act of moving forward, restocking cards and getting both of you to the middle. If you can’t make a move, if the deck of cards runs out, well… I guess they were never really that into you.

The final kicker: you and your partner can’t talk about the game while playing it!

This is a pretty tough game: after two players we’ve made it to the final circle but not closer. I suspect if we ever do make it, the game will lose it’s shine, so it’ll be fun to tackle the challenge a few more times. The nice thing is that it really feels you are in this weird, intricate dance together, so some of the theme actually comes through. Which, of course, makes losing all the worse. But winning so much better!


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