I traded this game for one of my old unloved games. I have the best of luck with trades 🙂

Fidelitas is a short, simple filler game for 2 to 4 players. It’s a bit like a more involved version of Love Letter.


You’re seeing five location cards, with a bunch of person cards ‘visiting’ the different locations.

  • There’s a bunch of locations in the middle (Market, Warehouse, Tavern), and a bunch of person cards (Baker, Judge, Butcher) in your hand. Person cards all have an ability that will trigger as you play them. Usually their ability will let you move people around the locations in some way.
  • Also in your hand: two mission cards. The Mission cards will have stuff like “Gather four people of different guilds in the Market”, or “Make sure four locations are empty”.
  • Every turn, you play one Person card, do what the card says, and then score one of your missions if the conditions are met. Then you redraw, and the turn passes to the next person.

Here’s your hand: two mission cards (“Gain the trust of”) and two person cards.

And that’s the entire game! Easy as pie. When you play it with two, you’re both trying to get your guys into the right places while hindering your opponent from getting his guys into places. So you fall into a kind of tugging game around this immense slidey puzzle. It’s not too strategic, but you feel in control while you’re trying to tug the puzzle your way, and so it works well.

Nice art!

Nice art!

The chaos also means that you can really try to hinder your opponent – there’s no real risk of paralysing them, and half of the time you don’t know what exactly they’re trying to accomplish anyone. With two, double bluffing or misdirection will be useful and fun as well.

So, a short, sweet, travel-size filler that’s fun and involved. A keeper!


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