Gaming shorts @ Mid-West: Machine of Death, Pit and Spoons

When we were in Minnesota, Andre showed us her kickstarter edition of Machine of Death where you work together as squad of improve hitmen trying to take out people in hilariously overcomplicated ways. We tried to kill George Clooney by using a nespresso trail to lead him into a piranha trap, David Letterman with an exploding thumbtack chair, Stan Lee with a murderous mummy, and Batman with a bipolar bear. Very silly!

In Wisconsin we played Pit – a game of real-time set collection with a trading theme. You need to get a set of nine cards of the same type by trading your unwanted cards with the other players. As fast as you can. Lots of shouting and laughter happened as Mike beat us all at stocks trading.

But that was nothing compared to Spoons, a family game of (again) set collection but with much more hilarious results. Once you get your set of four playing cards (say all 4’s) together, you can grab a spoon off of the table. That’s the signal for everyone else to grab a spoon too, except there’s one spoon less than there are people. Every time you end up empty handed you are that much closer to getting bumped out of the game.


So it’s like musical chairs with spoons. Hilarity and slapstick comedy ensues as people battle for the right to wear the spoon crown and put their name on it. Yes, this family has an actual spoon crown, though the last time anyone put their name on it was in 2006. Well, that was going to change!


I love family games and we all got into it. Especially Caitlin made a few Olympics-worthy dives for the spoons because she didn’t want to lose, and got into a few tug of war matches with Lori and Jan.


But I wanted my name on that crown, damnit! We took out the parents first, and after that I only had to beat out Jan, Caitlin and Megan to become Spoon Queen of the Day. An honor I was happy to accept, an one that came with complimentary cat.


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