Cocotaki @ Kayak Club

My kayak club always goes for a drink after a training. Some of the members talk about kayaking almost exclusively. I’m not that big of a kayak nerd yet and I haven’t been on any trips… so if they really go at it, I’m happy to check my phone for a while.

Because it’s a holiday tomorrow the kids could stay and have a drink too. And one of them was packing a game box! I zoned in on that fucker like a sniper on speed.

Jules: YOU HAVE A GAME! Er… I mean, you have a game.
9-year old: Yes, do you want to play?
Jules: YES!

Thanks, 9-year old! The other people thought I must have been the most social person ever, selflessly entertaining a small child like that. Little did they know it was the other way around.

The game was called Cocotaki (or Cuckoo Zoo) and was apparently a UNO variant. I wouldn’t know, I never played UNO. You could only add a card to the stack if it had a color or animal in common, and if you played an animal, you had to make that animal’s sound. Except if it’s a red card, in which case you say nothing. Except when it’s red rooster, in which case you say Cocotaki!


So basically like a drinking game without the drinking. Not very interesting but, much like pizza and sex – even when a game is bad it’s still good! We played three or four rounds, including one mega round with a hand of twenty cards instead of 10. She forgot to say (or not say) the right word a few times, but trounced me in every round. I don’t really know how! It’s a quick kids game, and fun enough.

There’s something deliciously weird about mixing up hobbies like this. I got pretty excited about bringing new games to play with the kids, but then I realized they normally can’t come for drinks. Definite upside to future camping trips 🙂


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