Croque and Spelen

As it turns out Croque Monsieurs and games make for an excellent combination.

Boardgame night traditions in our town of Leuven once started with Bread and Games then evolved into Pie and Games. I tried to take over Pie and Games but we soon found out I suck at making pie! So Croque and Games was born. We ate our way through three big breads, and I had to go find one of Belgium’s famous Bread Vendomats to resupply us. Turns out, you really can eat croques all through the day!

2015-04-06 12.06.08

Croque ingredient goodness courtesy of Leuven’s best butcher, Rondou

We ran three tables and that was good – any more would have been uncomfortable. Though in summer we could easily swing two tables outside…

2015-04-06 14.50.58

Stone Age!

The afternoon was mostly monopolized by one huge game of Vampire: Prince of the city, a board game set in the White Wolf world we all love (or have questionable experiences with). Bluffing, deal making, backstabbing and a fair amount of grudge matching was enjoyed by all.

2015-04-06 17.48.04


In the time it took them to play out their Machiavellian fantasies, I got to play about six games. I managed to dust off Stone Age and Galaxy Trucker and play Bang! for the first time. I was particularly happy about playing Stone Age again, it’s one of my favorite light euro’s and it’s been too damn long. Nice game too, we had very divergent strategies: Chris was all about agriculture, Frans all about tools, me all about popping out as many meeples as possible and Geert was somewhere in the middle of all of this extremism. This gave us all a lot to work with, but I had been snapping up meeple multiplier bonus cards like crazy, and my slutty breeding tactics got me a nice 50 point bonus on top of everything else. Winning!

In the evening we rounded off with a few rounds of parlor games: 30 seconds/time’s up, charades, What were you thinking? and Never have I ever. My favorite part of this must have been Kris trying to charade Sex & The City in the most hilarious and lewd way possible. Or was it suffering to trying to get people to guess “All small furry animals gathered in a big cave to sing the blues?” Or playing “Never have I ever” where the goal quickly shifted from the normal “reveal as little about yourself while exposing others” to “setting yourself up to tell hilarious horrible stories about yourself”.

Note to self: When Bavo or Steven had you an open beer, think twice about drinking it!

Meanwhile, the people that aren’t much into parlour games, had set up for a game of Sherrif of Nottingham. I wish I had joined in this game, because it seemed like they were having a blast with it. All players had roleplay experience, and they hammed it up with bullshit stories about contributions to the orphan’s fund and the Sherrif’s re-election campaign. It seemed like a lot of fun!

2015-04-06 22.04.46

Sheriff of Nottingham

Talking Tango



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