Game Night: Uggtect, Between Two Cities and Rialto

Woah, I’m totally behind on games. I have been too busy for writing, I’d better be succinct!

9-year old Kaia really loved Uggtect. She had great fun being a Stone Age architect, thumping people on the head and yelling Karungu Karungu! Then she hit her mom in the eye with the included inflatable club! Not sure if It would make a great kids’ game or a great trip to the ER (probably both!)


We tried out my Print & Play copy of Between Two Cities, a cooperative draft game that’s on kickstarter right now. What happens is you draft two tiles each turn and put one tile in the city to your left and one in the city to the right. The player to your left and right also contribute one of their tiles to that city, and you can talk and negotiate about which tile to put into which city. So when you’re drafting, for once you are not thinking “Oh, I can’t let my neighbour get this card, it’s too good for them”. You want to them to get it, and to put it in the city you’re sharing together.


It’s an original idea, but the cooperation was fairly easy and didn’t really lead to interesting discussions or dynamics. You’re trying to build a city whose tiles will combo well with each other. To my right, we just built a city containing almost all factories, since they were worth a lot of points if you had the most of them. To my left we built a regular city with lots of variety. Both cities had pretty much the same amount of points, and we didn’t have a lot to talk about. Factories here, other stuff there!

It just felt too lightweight. I’m keeping my P&P, but not backing the Kickstarter. A shame, because it was a very European friendly one, and that doesn’t happen all the time.

Finally we played Stefan Feld’s Rialto, a card drafting and bidding game with some area control elements. It has that musty Euro look but, like most musty Euro’s, it plays quite well! Area control and bidding are not my favorite mechanics but here they are well done and not too overbearing.



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