Say Anything

I traded Onirim for Say Anything (demo’ed here on TableTop) and that seems to have been a worthwhile trade. Say Anything is an easy to play party game with little embarrassment factor. One player asks a question and everyone else tries to come up with a great answer. The question man or woman will then secretly select their favorite answer, and everyone else bets on what the winning answer will be.

2014-12-28 23.42.24

Sadly a lot of the dry erase markers weren’t working, and we kept on losing the voting tokens, leaving us with a bit more upkeep than we like in a relaxed party game. Though squabbling over who had the working markers was its own kind of fun. We had to buy some replacement markers to keep on playing.

As you can imagine, turns can be really entertaining. There’s a ton of question cards and the questions are very varied. You can pick family friendly questions, pop culture questions, lewd questions, personal questions. You can pick “Who was the most influential pop icon of the past 100 years?” or “What’s the worst thing to have in your mouth?”. Whoever made this game was keenly aware of the different environments it would get played in and designed for it. It means you can really pick the tone for the type of game you want to play. Very impressive.

It’s quick, easy and very amusing. We played it about three times in the week.
Some of the better questions and answers, obviously all very inappropriate:

What’s the worst thing to have in your mouth?

2014-12-28 23.41.27

What is the best way to impress a man?

2014-12-30 00.35.26

What is the worst thing to say on a first date?

2014-12-28 23.58.09

I’m not sure if it’ll have a long lifespan, but I think it’s a keeper for a few more years at least. Good trade!


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