I FINALLY got Ugg-tect on the table! I’d bought it ages ago, but had some trouble finding a good occasion to put it in the table. This is not a game for people who hate looking silly. In Ugg-tect, you play stone age neanderthals trying their hand at architecture. One of you will be the architect who has a picture of the structure that needs to be built, the others are workers that are ready to fulfill his building commands.


Those commands can be tricky, though, because the architect can use only six pre-defined gestures to identify blocks (Shaking your hips means the green block), and can only use six pre-defined words to explain what to do with them. Manungu means “foward”, but “Manungu Manungu” means backward. How much backward? In relation to what? Good luck trying to get that message across! The preset words are laughably deficient, and you’ll have to get very creative to get your building exactly right.


The game also comes with giant inflatable clubs that you can use to wack your builders over the head with. Once if they do something right, once if they do something wrong. You can also hit yourself, if you said something stupid just now that the builders should ignore. Did I mention the builders themselves can only communicate in grunts and stomps?

And that’s it, that’s the game! I love it! It’s fast, hilarious and a great team activity. I can’t wait to take this one to work 🙂


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