Boardgame shorts

We are having busy times! A lot of games and not a lot of time to write about them. I’ll have to settle for writing up a few blurbs as they happen for now. Here’s our latest play experiences.



A logic puzzle combined with a worker placement game with the use of an app. Woah! No one can blame Czech games for not being original. One play is not enough to be able to say much about the game yet. With four players we had cracked the code fairly quickly, and I was disappointed the logic part of the game was over so soon. I’d focused on the buying and selling of artefacts and potions and the publishing part of the game didn’t really click for me yet on this first play. I’d happily play it again, but I’m not as excited about it as other people are so far (then again, that’s the case for most Czech Games worker placements for me).



They call it ‘Dixit with a purpose’, but the play experience is utterly different. In Mysterium one of the players is a ghost and the others are investigators trying to figure out how she died. She gives people hints that point towards certain people, locations and objects (hello, clue!). The hints are in the form of Dixit-like cards. The cards are richly illustrated with lots of little details. There is far less associating and far more “Oh, there’s a chair on this card and a hairdresser sits in a chair so it must be that one!”. More puzzly and analytical. It also plays quite quickly. It’s a neat concept, but I’m not sure it’ll be fun to play for long.



A card game about building up a successful life. What a cool theme! It instantly reminded me of all the fun I had with Alter Ego and Keeping up with the Joneses. Unfortunately, this resource building and card buying game turned slow and tedious with four. We tried to put some storytelling or roleplaying into it, but it couldn’t keep up the spirits for this game. Alas!



The only hidden traitor game I like! I hate hidden traitor games with a passion. They make me nervous and I just generally get no enjoyment out of them, regardless if I win or lose. But I have no problem playing a traitor in a roleplay game. The idea behind this game seemed to be much more of the latter variety.

Every player gets the a card that has the same location on it, everyone is in that same location. One person, however, only receives a card that says SPY on it. Then the players ask each other questions to uncover the spy. They have to walk a fine line, though, because if they are too overt about where they are, the spy will catch on and guess the location. Everyone also has a role on their card (eg. Nightguard, caterer) that they should adhere to. This makes it even harder to catch the spy.

It’s really hard. It’s such a challenge to come up with good questions and good answers, that everyone is sweating: not just the spy!

The fact that it’s so hard and tense will probably also mean it won’t get played a lot. After all, most of these type of games are party games and they tend to go with a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere. Happy I bought it, though!



We played Deus at Peter and Jen’s last night. It’s a hand management game with some light area control and a lot of combo potential. I’m not sure what to think of it yet. The combo’s were powerful but… I don’t know, not exactly satisfying? I finished last in the game, so perhaps it just didn’t click with me. Jan and Rob had a great time with it, so perhaps it could just need a few more plays.


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