RPGGeek weekend games

We had our Finnish friends over for the RPGGeekmeet weekend. I’ve been on a renewed boardgame kick lately, so I was happy to inflict lots of games upon them. This plight mostly fell to Toni who had no laptop or Untapped to hide behind. He got his revenge by crushing me in pretty much every game we played.

The first game we played was Funghi/Morels. Usually a nice quiet game about picking mushrooms in the forest. But this time some cruel twist of fate (or lack of shuffling) had put all the baskets all the way at the bottom of the draw pile. So our cozy little trip to the forest turned into a heated mushroom fueled fight for survival. It was like picking mushrooms in Siberia while clubbing other would-be mushroom pickers to death with your (sadly unused) frying pan. Our despair led to some very amusing table talk.


I thought we were in Siberia together, but Toni was mostly faking it and near the end of the game he started churning out one great mushroom dish after another. Damn! Great game 🙂

After that we played some Love Letter with Ville. This game is never not fun!

We played some late night Race for the Galaxy to wind down. It’s Jan’s and my favorite game, and it was pretty nice to just put it on the table and play it with other people. Most people don’t know it or have played it only once, and explaining the game to a newbie can be quite a chore for us, and quite traumatic for the hobby. The game doesn’t have a learning curve as much as a learning wall, thanks to its unique iconography. Toni’s alien tableau and my builder tableau had to bow to Jan’s development build.

2014-09-26 22.55.31

I got another game of Race early in the morning where Toni faked another slow start only to cash in on this consumption quite well in the end game, while my replicator robots only managed to build crappy low-scoring worlds.

After the RPGGeek meet we were all tired but needed to wind down before going to sleep. So we played a quick game of Roll through the ages. A game that’s a bit too boring for real gamers, but good for that time of night. Ville had a great run, finished everyone’s buildings before they could, and improved his previous score by about 25 points.

On the way of our tourist trip to Monschau Ville, Toni and me played Ticket to Ride twice in the car. Definitely one of the nicest app boardgames to play with a friend. Strangely enough, our two games were very similar, with me up in the north with a nicely scoring route while the guys were in the south getting in each other’s way. The first time I managed to bring it home and crush them, but the second time I didn’t keep an eye on my trains and ran out of them before I could finish my route. D’oh!

2014-09-28 17.48.58


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