Game night with Stelio

RPGgeek friend Stelio was in Brussels for his work, so we invited him over for a night of food, drink and games. It turned out Stelio hadn’t played a lot of the standard boardgames, so we had some introductions to do. We showed him Race for the Galaxy and he didn’t immediately recoil in horror as so many of our friends have before.

We took that as a good sign and started explaining all the icons, rules and exceptions in this sprawling galaxy game. We played a quick game where Jan trounced us both but we got the game across well. Though Jan was the moral loser, since his score (52) was not symmetrical like ours (22 and 33).

A second game might have been more competitive, but we had more games to get to! Which we set up as Stelio tried the original pick up lines out of his phrasebook on us.

Like Love Letter! This turned into a hilarious game where getting an early princess screwed me over again and again. Other people’s princesses also joined the fun to screw me over as well! We zoomed through a lot of funny game confrontations until Jan finally eeked out a narrow win. The bluffing and deduction seemed to be big favorites and this was perhaps the most exciting and fun game we played.

Next up we tried King of Tokyo, because everyone needs to play it at least once in their lives and also, it was late and we needed a quick finisher. We need to get the Power Up! expansion for this game so we can finally use those mutations. I got knocked out early and watched the guys have a tense battle. Either Stelio would win on his final victory point, or Jan would take Stelio’s final life point.

Finally we ran out of good small finishers, so I put an okay finisher on the table: Concept. We had fun with a few hard concepts and I was the only one who failed to get my thing guessed. Du-hudes! Of course Man-violence-government-country-stick-figure-idea-money-people-violent means Fidel Castro! Doh.


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