Games @ Wim & Nina

Wim and Nina invited us to their own Pie & Games day. Yay! Two great things in one day. Along with some familiar and unfamiliar faces we squeezed in a lot of games.

Mascarade. Bought on a Shut Up & Sit Down recommendation, this game has never delivered on its promise of fun and mayhem. Sure, there’s some laughs and a few funny situations but it never erupts into joyful chaos. In this case, the game morphed into a strange dynamic. The people with a lot of money played it straight and tried to win. Meanwhile the people with little money switched people’s cards and provided confusion. If they wouldn’t, one of the rich dudes would win. So the poor people had to feed the chaos mechanism for the game instead of trying to get more money. I don’t know, this just feels like a wasted game to me.

The Resistance. We followed up with my least favorite game mechanic after turn skipping: hidden traitor! Fortunately I was was a good guy, the game was funny, and the attempts at deduction weren’t overly long. It’s a good game and people love it, but it’s just not for me. If I’m the traitor I get nervous and don’t enjoy the game. If I’m not, I’m just a bit bored and don’t enjoy the game.

Guess which of these guys is a traitor?

It’s all good, though, because after that I got to play Factory Fun, while the other group played with our copy of Thunderstone. Factory Fun looked a lot like Roborally, so I was expecting to suck beyond all human hope and recognition, but apparently this game flexes a different type of muscles. Taking one piece and puzzling on how to incorporate it into your factory in a useful way was a fun cerebral exercise. The game part of it was very limited but the kinetic, aesthetic and puzzly fun certainly made up for that. I’d buy it right away, but it seems to be out of print. That’s a shame!

People seemed to gear up for a more serious game after that, but we had to zoom on to Brussels to play a roleplay game with Elina. We only just had time for some sweet cheesecake on the way out. Gotta get that pie in somewhere.




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