Shadows over Camelot


Jan got a few ‘many player games’ for this birthday last year, one of which was the famous Shadows over Camelot. It’s a co-op with a hidden traitor, a bit like Battlestar Galactica. It was our first game, though, so we played with loyal knights and no traitors.

The game is basically about working together to fulfill quests at different parts of the board until you win the game. It never felt very hard, and thus never felt very interesting. The cool thing about lots of co-ops (like Pandemic or Ghost Stories) is that they always feel really tense – even if you’re doing ok. You have the feeling of swimming against the tide in a heroic last ditch effort. Here it mostly felt like we were just floating along.

You are supposed to communicate with the other players only in flowery courtly prose, not in direct terms. So “I have trained men for you, my liege, but they are as of yet unseasoned in the reality of war”, instead of “I have rank 2 troops that I can give you”. But it was late at night so we didn’t want to make the game any longer than it was. I can see it have fun game+roleplay potential with a group of Arthurians, but other than that I wasn’t too excited.



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