Kingsburg: To forge a realm


I made sure people had roleplay games to play, but stayed more of the board game side of things myself this weekend. So while people in the living room played a Hogwarts version of Fiasco, we played Kingsburg and its expansion in the kitchen.

Kingsburg is a nice worker placement game, only the workers are dice that you roll every turn. The number on your dice determine where you can put them. While you build up your town you have to make sure to keep your defenses up. Goblins, Barbarians or Demons can show up outside your door and raid your settlement!

There’s a definite luck factor, but I have never been able to win a game of Kingburgs – so it can’t just be random chance! I got dice screwed again this time, and lost a fair few resources to a horde of demons at the gates.

The expansion adds a lot more variability. We only played with one of the expansion modules, the one that adds strips of buildings to your town. “Why can’t we play with all the new things?” the men, cultists of the new, complained. Because of the replay value! Anyway, the module was nice, because it means not everyone is tapping from the same buildings. My building strategy went nowhere (as usual, I just can’t get a good overview).  The guys raced to the end neck-a-neck.

Despite my bad luck and low skill at this game (or maybe because of it?) I really love this game. I look forward to trying out all the new modules!



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