In the latest installment of ‘Jules and Kris play CCG’s without ever finishing a game‘, we played Doomtown. We played it between dinner and the kids going to bed, so we weren’t able to go complete a full game or get a thorough feeling of the game play, but trying out the game was very interesting.

Doomtown is another old school CCG like Netrunner, that has been dug up from the grave and doffed up a bit. It even feels a bit old, with convoluted mechanics and an unoriginal wild west theme. Our starter decks contained one Outlaw and one Sheriff deck, but play was very similar (so unlike Netrunner’s asynchronous play).


Still, the theme is anything but tacked on. Combat is resolved by playing draw poker with your deck! All the cards have a suit and number on them. So when building you need to balance your poker hand with the quality of your cards. Not only that, but you also have to decide if you want to go for cheatin’ poker hands (and stuff your deck with, say, aces of the same suit) or honest ones.

The gameplay itself reminds me a lot of the Star Wars CGG. You put down locations to get control points, those locations become points of conflict and one of you will win enough confrontations to ‘gain control over this town’.


We didn’t complete a full game. We played for 30 minutes, so I have no clue how long a full game would take to play. My main gripe is that these games often seem to bog down into two heavily armored sides poking each other with sticks. But perhaps that’s unfair, we simply don’t play them enough to really know.


3 thoughts on “Doomtown

  1. I liked it :).

    Thanks for “playing CCGs without ever finishing them” with me 🙂

    How many does that make now? Star Wars, Middle Earth, Mythos, Doomtown, … ?
    (I still have 2 of Frosty’s Bab5 decks lying around 😛 )


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