Castles of Burgundy


We played Castles of Burgundy with Geert and his coworker Wim. I’d heard a lot of good things about it. It’s a feld game that uses the dice-as-workers mechanic we know from Kingsburg. You can use those workers to buy and place a bunch of tiles that all have different bonusses. Chaining those bonuses up for great effect is one of the fun things of the game.

As usual when playing a new game, I just picked a strategy that looked good and ran with it. I focused on mines and sheep, and let the men worry about shipping and castles. It worked well and I eeked out a nice win.

There was a bit of comic relief with Wim’s insistence that the key to the game was ‘consistency’, something which he would always forgo on his turn, only to loudly regret it later again. 


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