Games night

Sweet gamesnight at Peter & Jen’s. After a great dinner, we played Istanbul in the garden. Jen insisted we each play our rounds talking in a different foreign accent, and my Irish quickly turned to Indian. We hadn’t played Istanbul before. It seemed like a quick and light euro with a fair bit of replayability. I didn’t grok it right away and came in dead last, while Jan Jen won handily. I wouldn’t buy it, but I’d be happy to play it again.

When it got a bit colder, we played Takenoko. I’d heard a lot about the game where you grow bamboo and feed a panda. It was fun that the frustration of the gardener having to deal with this monstrous panda appetite translated to an in-game experience as well. You have goals to grow a certain amount of bamboo, and inevitably someone moves the panda around to eat your beautiful plant before you can finish it. This euro was even cuter, and would make a wonderful entry game.

We finished off with a game of Innovation – no big twists or turns there. Peter did well and won. After that, we just watched weird YouTube videos for a while. Epic Rap Battles of History, Rob Ross, and this lady


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