7 Wonders: Cities

We got to try out the Cities expansion for 7 Wonders yesterday. We tried it out in 2-player. 7 Wonders’ two player game uses a third dummy player – it makes the two player game a lot more tactical and manipulative. As usual, the third city was Kittyopolis, our cats always ready to help out.

So anyway. I wasn’t overly impressed with Cities. Whereas Leaders really added a lot to the game play, Cities mostly just offers extra cards that expand on the existing game play. There’s cards that make other players pay money to the bank and incur debt tokens. There’s a few cards that can really swing the balance of the game, giving one person 7 shields or making all his wonder stages free… But we felt it didn’t change or add to the game enough.

We are fans enough of 7 Wonders that more is always better, but still, this wasn’t much more! With the added layers of cards, we are really starting to appreciate the 7 Wonders helper app, though!


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