I got to play Trains this weekend. A kind of uninspiring name for a game. Just imagine Agricola being called ‘Farms, 7 Wonders being “Buildings”, and Galaxy Trucker as “Spaceship”. I’d say they have a lot less sales 😉

Trains is a pretty straight-forward deckbuilder where most of your interesting actions accrue waste cards that clog up your deck. It expands on normal deckbuilders by offering a board that you build your train empire on with help from your cards. The board adds quite a few visual and kinetic flourishes, and lets you get a physical reward out of all those cards you’re spewing forth from your deck.

Frosty likes it because it’s quick and easy, but I think it’s a bit too easy. I’d have preferred a few more complicating matters into my train building. It’d definitely be a great deck-builiding game for beginners, though!


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