Arkham Horror

What’s it about?
You wander around Arkham trying to defeat an evil elder god bent on ripping the world apart. And flop around a lot.

Flash verdict
7/10: I really like Arkham Horror. I has that massive feel to it and it’s evocative of a roleplay experience. It can turn into a shared epic or a funny experience that I like. It’s slow churning can start to grate though, so it’s really a game we only bring out once or twice a year. If it ever came out on iPad I’d probably play the shit out of it.


Is it pretty?
Yes! The board is nice and there’s cute tokens and nicely made cards. 
Also: very detailed & huge. Biggest game is bestest game?

How boring was the explanation?
Pretty damm boring. There’s so many little things that need to be explained. The explanation isn’t enough either, you need to refer back to the manual many times.

How long and/or boring is it to have to wait for your go?
Hmms, that can get pretty bad, especially when combat starts happening and you’re delayed in some outer world. The main problem is that it’s hard to stay psyched about everyone else’s turns for the whopping four hours the game can take to play. 


How’s the flavor?
Very good! With a bit of leniency you can make up a nice story to go with your investigator’s experiences. The addition of background stories and goals are awesome and transforms the game from an epic adventure into an angst-filled desperate need to succeed.

How internally consistent is the flavor?
Pretty good! I can’t think of a single internal consistence flaw.

Is it still fun if you suck?
Well you can’t really screw up very much (basically the only skill you need is knowing how the game works, and that can be tough), but you can get screwed pretty bad. You can get a bad case of skipped turn limbo, you can also get an underpowered character (there’s quite a bit of variety in poweredness) or get stuck in a boring board where nothing happens. 

Is it fun to play with people who know everything about the game when you don’t?
It’s the best way to learn, but it’s annoying to have to ask where the location is, what this mechanic does, how combat goes, what this ability does over and over. It’s a gap that, unlike portals to outer worlds, is hard to close. Then again, even the pro’s have a hard time keeping all the details straight at times.

Can you play it with your non-gamer family to pass the time?
Uh no.

Does it play well with two?
Yeah, I think so. I really want to try it out sometime (mostly so we can study the mechanics a bit)

Is there anything irrationally fun or annoying about it?
Fun: Roleplaying your character can be very amusing, or when the cards tell a story all by themselves that fit perfectly. It’s fun to try out all the characters.
Annoying: Skipped turns are the worst mechanic in gaming ever.


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