Warriors and Traders

What’s it about?
Europe! Unite your nations and conquer the rest quicker than everyone else.

Flash verdict
5/10: I have a big bias against War-like games, so they will always end up on the low end of the spectrum for me. I love building up my resources, but then am always disappointed when it turns out I can only spend those resources on boring armies (and maybe a fort here and there). Where are my wonders, my cathedrals, my accomplishments? I was expecting a kind of Merchants and Marauders game.


Also, Shogun does the same thing as Warriors and Traders, only better and with some chance thrown in for good measure. 


Is it pretty?
The chits and tokens are alright, but the board itself, made in the style of a medieval map, is very pretty! 

Which was great, so I had something to look at in the last few rounds where I had backed myself into no-progress corner 🙂

How boring was the explanation?
Not bad! The reference cards are very useful to keep all options in check and the rules of the game are fairly simple.

How long/boring is it to have to wait for your go?
It’s relatively quick due to combat being very simple – no huge paralysis problems. What at least some others do will be of big relevance to you, so you shouldn’t be bored.

How’s the flavor?
It’s okay, I like the Europe map and I like how every wannabe-nation is subtly geared towards one strategy or another. It captures the feel of European relations.

How internally consistent is the flavor?
So you can marry off your princess to the scattered remains of a Barbarian Horde and get a bloodless conquest, but then next turn you can move her to another region to marry her off to someone else again? These Barbarians are very easily placated. 

Is it still fun if you suck?
Hmms, once people start unifying and getting big bonuses from that, it kind of sucks if you can’t unify because a horde of Barbarians who have boarded themselves up in Wüppertal. But perhaps once you are used to the game that doesn’t happen often anymore?

Is it fun to play with people who know everything about the game when you don’t?
Hmmms, well it seems certain strategies work better as certain nations – so I suppose an experienced group of players will have you beat for quite a few games.

Can you two-player it?
You can, but we haven’t tried it (and most likely won’t)

Can you play it with your non-gamer family to pass the time?
Euh, no, that seems a bit much!

Is there anything irrationally fun or annoying about it?
Fun: I love tech trees and being able to change your skill points! It’s having the best part of a computer game… in a boardgame!
Annoying: Why does 20 wood show an anvil? What does that have to do with a lot of wood?


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