Race for the Galaxy

What’s it about?
The universe: colonize it quicker and better than everyone else.

Flash verdict
10/10: You either love or hate RtfG, and I’m firmly entrenched in the love camp. This is such a rich building game with so many facets and options, excruciating choices and amazing hands. This is hands down my favorite game in the world.

Is it pretty?
Yup! The cards have nice artwork and the victory counters are so stylish it’s hard to see how many points they represent. 

How boring was the explanation?
Oh god, so boring. Went on for ages and there were all these fases and it was horrible. Though all the players get a nice cheatsheet that you can use to see what you would have known if you’d managed to listen to the explanation. Just play it. It’s a learn through fuck-ups type of game.

How long/boring is it to have to wait for your go?
Everyone plays at the same time, so as long as there isn’t a ‘slow guy’ (who’s not you), you always have something to do!

How’s the flavor?
Great! It’s so good that, if you want, you can make up a little story about the expansion of your colonies to go with your cards while you wait for the slow guy to make up his mind. All the different kinds of goods are described with more than just a color, all the planets and developments have evocative names..


How internally consistent is the flavor?
Very! I can’t really find a single thing to nitpick about.

Is it still fun if you suck?
If you’re not very good it’s fine, you can just happily build your slightly-sucky empire. If you have a bad streak of luck and spend turn after turns twiddling your thumbs… that can be pretty frustrating.

Is it fun to play with people who know everything about the game when you don’t?
Yeah, it helps, they can fill you in about what all those icons and complicated cards mean for the first ten times you play it. Not very annoying at all.

Can you two-player it?
Yes, it’s great fun and superfast! We like it even better than the normal game!

Can you play it with your non-gamer family to pass the time?
A world of no.

Is there anything irrationally fun or annoying about it?
Fun: The Rebel Cantina card will get everyone humming
Annoying: Having a nice military world-conversion thing going on while another player has an armada, the Interstellar Casus Belli card and an evil grin. Enjoy getting slaughtered!


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