We played Ghost Stories with Frosty, Richard and Geert. We weren’t quite sure what to play, but Geert was happy to get a chance to play GS (he has it on his shelf, unplayed) and Richard was very happy to get to play the evil overlord again.

Once again the overload lost. It was that typical co-op situation where things looked really desperate and tense, but by that time the odds were so strongly in our favor that we were poised to win. Co-ops cast a bit of an illusion spell that way, but that spell always holds up.

Geert (who has no experience with co-ops) said he felt he wasn’t very good at the game yet, because he couldn’t keep an overview of all that was going on. I explained that this is what makes co-op’s fun: there’s so much going on that you need to work together to get that overview. If one person can get it by itself, then the co-op part of it will definitely suffer. 

Ghost Stories isn’t my favorite puzzle, I don’t find it as tense as Pandemic or Arkam Horror. With co-ops you have to kind of push yourself to be as into the game as possible, it makes the entire experience better. I didn’t manage that on this worknight and fiddled with phone and iPad a little too much for a truly immersive experience.


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