We borrowed Seasons from Peter & Jen to try it out in two-player mode – it’s supposed to be pretty good! We only played it once before, so it’s hard to compare.

We were surprised at how fast the game ran with two. By the end of the hour we had huge fuck-off’s engines running at full magical speed. Well, Jan did, my engine was done a few turns ahead and I was running on empty near the end. He hadn’t spaced out his drafted cards very aggressively over the seasons, so lost out on a fair bit of points he could have been stealing from me. Whereas I had drafted rather negatively, denying him cards I wasn’t sure I could make full use of myself. I still eeked out a narrow win against Jan’s blanket of cards in the end.

We quite liked it! It feels like a relaxing race for the galaxy where setting up combo engines is a lot easier. It’s a lot more fiddly, though, what with the dice, the season engine, the summoning gauges. It seems less elegant than race, but still a lot of fun.

Edit: Played it again a few days later. Had a great combo: a card to get one energy back when you play a power card, a card that gave you an energy when you have one or less left, and a card that lets you peek at the power cards and play the top one for four energy. As long as I banked two extra energy every turn, I could play a card every time! Easy win, but fun combo’ing!


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