Spaceteam: A cooperative shouting game for phones and tablets

We played quite a few games this weekend, but the most outrageous fun was had with Spaceteam. Which isn’t even a boardgame, but it’s not far off, so I’m including it here anyway.

Do you like pushing buttons and shouting at your friends? Do you like discharging Clip-jawed Fluxtrunions? If you answered yes, or no, then you might have what it takes to be on a Spaceteam!

Fortunately I don’t have to tell you what the game is about, there’s a nice trailer for it!

And that’s it! You shout incoherent technobabble commands at each other, and your friends twist the appropriate knobs while shouting commands back at you. If no one is following your command, the appropriate lever is usually at your own screen and you have to interrupt your shouting to sheepishly whisper “Oh, that’s me”.

Levels get harder and harder as you have to dodge wormholes (done by everyone flipping their screen upside down at the same time), wading through space ooze and frantically trying to keep the interface in place. We haven’t made it past level 9 yet, and we’ve had tons of shouty fun along the way.

This we’ll see quite a lot of play in the coming weeks/months!


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