Had a gaming night with Peter & Jen. We played a variety of games (Escape: Curse of the Temple, a demo round of clusterfuck, Spaceteam and Masquerade) but mostly:


Peter had received his “Euphoria: Build a better dystopia” kickstarter game and it looked magnificent. I’ve never seen such a high component quality in games. The gold is actually shiny and heavy in your hands, the wooden tokens are very detailed and even the cards look luxurious. So does the board!


Thematically, the game has some good elements. The three factions are very evocative, as is the part of the board that tracks the minds and hearts of your workers. If your workers learn to much about the dystopia, they run away and you have to recruit new ones! I also like that you get slightly more restricted in your actions as play continues and other players get more or less of a strangehold, but I don’t understand why this happens through markets. Some of the finer decisions are clearly made more towards game balance than theme, and that’s fine. It does feel properly balanced.

The gameplay is fun, and seems to continue the balancing act. My game was mostly about using worker intelligence as a kind of corruption track to gain more advancements and then to use other actions to get that intelligence down again. I guess it didn’t work, since I had three stars left when Jen finished the game. 

It was one of those games I’d hard to get a good impression after just one session, but I would definitely like to play it again. Peter has so many euros that they start to mesh together at some point, but for now this one avoids clumping.


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