Pre-NY games, part II & NY games

We played some more Taboo and Aquarius in a bar where it was a bit too noisy to talk. Good times once again!

In the evening we played several games of Escape: The curse of the Temple. I got to try out the curses and the treasures. We added them all in the first time, and firmly got our asses trounced. So we replaced half with normal tiles again and won very easily. Yay! What a fun game. Some people claim it makes them tired, but it gives me energy!

On the afternoon before New Year’s Eve, we played two games of Space Alert. Friends of ours play an entire campaign of Space Alert, and I figured we could never catch up in that group anymore, so it was nice to try it again with noobs. I liked it a lot better than last time, but others were in the confused/feeling useless position I was in last time. Our first attempt at the real scenario had everyone involved, and went quite well, in any case!

We played Formula D on New Years. Yeah, roll and move! It was rather fun, though! We only raced one lap, but some cars were already completely broken by that time. 

We were with seven, a little too many for good all-group gaming, so we split up into two groups. I played Gloom and Thunderstone while the others played Super Mario with four. We played both Gloom and Thunderstone in story-telling mode. Gloom is, of course, easily storyfied, but Thunderstone is a bit more of a challenge. I think two adventurers got married, others had a gay sex dungeon, and mine was a superhero movie with lots of flashback and a serial killer trainer lady who kept killing poor militia.

Then newyears happened and we watched World’s End instead of playing games, and it was fabulous.


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