Clusterfuck is a new game by the guys of Cards against Humanity. It’s available as a Print and Play and it’s quite brilliant and nicely offensive.

I had asked my friend Kristina to print it out, and for a while she didn’t want to give me the printouts for fear of having to play it! She thought it would be awkward to play with our usual friend couples. Once it was clear no one had to have sex with anyone, we got to try it out late at night as a finisher.

The first round was bit confusing to some, but after that everyone really got into it! The cards were hilarious, and the backstabbing was fierce! Hearts were broken left and right, and people became fairly paranoid, which was fun!

It’s nice to see your strategy for each round is dependent on the cards you’re dealt – it’s hard to go for a threesome with the wrong cards. It doesn’t feel limiting, though, it’s fun to change up your options per round.

Though I enjoy bluffing games like Perudo or Hold’em, I really dislike Hidden Traitor games. I just find it very stressful to be the traitor. In Clusterfuck, everyone can be a traitor, and that’s a lot more fun to me!

In the last round I had perfect cards for a twosome and convinced Jonna to join me. While we were still arranging our stuff and setting out false trails, the guys had organised a threesome and won the game!

Very fun late night drinking game, will definitely put this one the table again on gaming weekends and nights out. That, and print my own copy 🙂


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