Gaming with coworkers: Dixit

For this ‘bread and games’ session I brought my own copy of Dixit, but I’d also borrowed King of Tokyo from Maevre because it seemed like an ideal lunch game. I spent two days warming them up for King of Tokyo, and then when we sat down with our sandwiches, my coworker Jack goes:

Jack: “Hey, what’s that game?”
Me: “Oh, it’s Dixit. It’s like eh… creative/associative type game. So, anyway, here we have Ki…”
Jack: “Oh, that sounds so cool, I LOVE creative associative type games! Let’s play that!”
Girls: “Yeah, that sounds okay”
Me: Yeah… yeah, let’s play that.

Everyone liked it a lot, though! Some fancy clues were given. One coworker instantly borrowed my copy to take on her weekend vacation, and one other bought it later and taught it to all his friends.

Enthousiasm level: Very high
Players: Tine, Jack, and ??


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