We had our first family christmas party early (two christmas days is hardly enough when all your parents are divorced). We packed a fair bit of games and got to play a few of them. Yay! It really makes a long family holiday visit better.

We played Concept which we are now thoroughly sick of ourselves (Sorry to the people who are still waiting to be able to order it), but which keeps going down well on every casual gaming night. We keep the games short and sweet, and by time we’re near the end people are usually confident enough to tackle some of the hardest clues. It was particularly hilarious when my sister and father were working as a team to map out a particular concept, and after a long and excuciating set of guesses, it turned out both of them had a different clue in mind. No wonder we weren’t getting anywhere!

We also played Rummikub, our parents’ favorite game. Nothing wrong with that one, I played it most of my childhood and it’s still a fun and quick game. It’s fun to see Conlaen play it, because he doesn’t have a childhood length’ of experience with it.

After all these successes, we felt we were ready for a dessert game of Love Letter. Love Letter really only becomes clear after playing the first round, and so can seem a bit daunting before you find out it’s easy and quick and a little tactical. They picked it up quickly enough and had a good time with it!

A succesful gaming christmas!


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