Mansions of Madness


Jan says: On friday, or Tabletop Day, we went over to a friend and we played Mansions of Madness. This was the first time we played it and we enjoyed it quite a bit. We managed to get everyone assigned to important jobs, with me killing cultists, while one was on puzzle solving and another on gathering clues. In the end my character got stuck between two fires, another died from a failed levitation spell, and then Jules gathered up all the pieces managed to win the game for us.

pic1869278_mdI did! I quite liked how everyone could do something important during Mansions of Madness, though it was both funny and frustrating to see the person who was least into puzzling having to solve all the puzzles (because her char had the highest INT) without our help! Also, I assume there’s often one ‘quester’ since every clue gives you the item you need for the next clue.


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