Gaming with coworkers: Roll through the ages

I played Roll through the ages with my coworker during lunch break. How cool! Last lunch gametime we played Citadels (quite a populair mainstream game here in the Benelux), so this is a big step up. It’s a perfect lunch break game: easy, quick and fun.Our bosses came to see what we were doing and were like “Oh, hey, a game I don’t know”. And I was like ‘No shit, Sherlock”. (But not out loud cause they were my bosses.)

I was introducing it to two coworkers (I’d already tried it out on Jack) who jokingly discussed running away as I explained the rules (I’m not that bad, I swear!) but halfway through they were caught up and at the end they said they would like to play again. My coworker Jack was boasting how he could kick our ass but he had a massive stroke of bad luck and ended up with five skulls – I’d never seen that happen before! It was hilarious! (to everyone except Jack)

Two players ended up buying the game.after that!

Enthusiasm: Very high
Players: Jack, Sofie, Tine


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