Games Night

ken-lindeWe had Ken and Linde over for a game night. That’s certainly going to happen more often! Because it was a first time, we had a big game off where each couple demo’ed and showed off our cool, acccesible games to the other couple.

We played two rounds of Inquisition – a kind of an Are you a werewolf? boardgame. We played two games (one incorrectly, one correctly). It’s nice that there’s no elimination, but a werewolf can run out of options… I don’t know, the game seemed like a weird mash of elements, or just a bit boring. But I’m biased, I’m not a big fan of hidden traitor games. I dislike being the traitor, I don’t know why. I like bluffing games (say, Perudo or Poker), and I like deduction games (like in Love Letter or Hidden movement games). Perhaps I don’t like the extended bluff that is Werewolf as opposed to the much more short-term bluff of Poker or Perudo).

Some light pre-dinner fun – a game we can stop whenever dinner is ready. People really take to this game every time – it’s not fun for an entire night, but it’s a great starter or finisher. I’ve been putting it on the table everywhere and haven’t gotten bored of it yet. We need to make our own cards, though, you run through those quite quickly.

Love Letter
This was a good call by Jan. It has all the deduction of the hidden traitor games they like. They enjoyed it, but we made sure to keep the game short (3 favors). It still wears thin after a little while.

We only had half an hour left to play a few finishers. I could tell Ken was disappointed to play “domino’s”, but this ended up being the game most yelled over and laughed with. Not the first time Aquarius is a stealth delivery method for fun.

Plague & Pestilence
A finisher we didn’t know yet! A quick light game about medieval towns dying of plague. A cute game that invites a bit of narration:

“The Vikings came over to your town for a cup of tea. They like theirs with three sugars and ten of your population”

“Whoops, your walls caught on fire. Guess that cauldron of burning oil wasn’t such a good idea after all!

Great night!


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