Gaming with coworkers: Citadels

At some point one of my coworkers suggested we play a game together on our lunch break. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me, I’m hardly the missionary type (*cough*), but I was happy enough to bring a game along.

We played Citadels in the first session of our work’s fledgling gaming group. We were going to play Texas Hold’em but only four people showed so we switched to everyone’s favorite gateway game. Two of my coworkers got in a “You destroyed my building? I’ll kill your guy!” type dynamic, always fun to see friendly coworkers go cut-throat.

A coworker brought the game, and all but one person knew it already, so the discovery part of boardgame lunch break was not very exciting.

Players: Kristien, Sofie, Jack
Enthousiasm level: medium


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